About Karashishi Shihtzus

All About Karashishi Shihtzus – UK based Shihtzu Breeder

About Karashishi Shihtzus My name is Teresa Ranson and I have been an Imperial Shihtzu1 enthusiast for the past 24 years and KC registered breeder of Shihtzus. A lover of the breed, I am passionate about all of my Shihtzu babies and extremely proud of our doting Mums and their perfect partners, the Dads.

As these dogs are rare in the UK, I lovingly sourced our small Shihtzus from a dear friend and fellow Shihtzu enthusiast in Texas, USA. All are AKC and KC registered and from impressive and carefully researched bloodlines.

All our puppies are raised in our home with our family, each one of my beautiful dogs is a great friend and social companion and they all have unique, very friendly and inquisitive characters. We spend a lot of time with our Shihtzus to ensure they are well socialised, healthy puppies before they go to their new families.

Just like their breeders they are an endless source of joy and entertainment, both the look and personalities of the Imperial Shihtzu make for an ideal and very loyal family pet and they are great around children.

The breed is known to be playful, loving and very intelligent. Energetic for their size, they are also known to sit contently in a nice warm lap for as long as anyone will let them!

1 – Please note that the terms ‘Imperial Shihtzu’,’ Imperial Shih tzu’, ’Chinese Imperial Dog’ and ‘Teacup Shihtzu’ are not Kennel Club terms but are those which are occasionally used to describe smaller examples of the Shih tzu breed and are therefore not intended to indicate a different breed.