How To Keep Your Shih Tzu Happy & Healthy

How To Keep Your Shih Tzu Happy & HealthyHere are a few tips to help keep your Shih Tzu happy and healthy:

  • Get a good vet. Plus is it highly recommended you take out comprehensive pet insurance.
  • Ensure your dog has regular healthcare including keeping on top of fleas and worms – puppies require worming once a month, adults every 6 months.
  • Regularly check for fleas, ticks, other parasites and skin irritations.
  • Your Shihtzu is a creature of habit – establish a routine: Regular times for feeding, grooming, exercise and play are very important.
  • Get to know your Imperial Shihtzu; their likes, dislikes, fears, favourite toys, foods etc…
  • Regular exercise, affection and a balanced diet work wonders for all dogs
    Keep in touch with your breeder!

Luckily we think we are going to skip the weight training.