Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale UK

Mother – Queenie
Father – Dexter
D.O.B – 28/07/2014
Puppies Available – 2 boys & 2 girls

Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale UK

Girl 1

This litter of Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale UK has fluffy white coats with smudges of gold and chocolate, they have very pretty faces like their mum and nice short legs like dad.

Imperial Shihb Tzu puppy from Queenie - Girl 2

Girl 2

Queenie is our new white and pale gold girl from the USA. She is delicate and playful and weighs 7 and a half pounds. This is a second mating with Dexter and it’s produced her snowy colour with a smattering of chocolate & orange from Dexter. Some of the babies also have chocolate noses which contrasts beautifully with their pale coats.

Male Imperial Shih Tzu puppy from Queenie

Boy 1

Dexter is an unusual red/orange in colour with a chocolate nose, he has a number of champion Jofin lines in his 5th generation pedigree. He is small at only 7lbs and can sire a rainbow color of puppies. He can throw anything from chocolates, blacks, orange-red and even show marked brown and whites.

Second male Imperial Shih Tzu puppy from Queenie

Boy 2

We have one solid Gold/Orange Girl and a perfectly marked parti-coloured girl who is going very pale. The 2 boys are quite different, one is almost all white with a dark face which is unusual and the second boy is a soft chocolate parti-colour. They all have perfect doll faces, short legs and thick coats.

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