White Shih tzu Puppies

 White Shih tzu Puppies Available From Karashishi Shihtzus

White Shihtzu PuppyWhite Shih tzus are very rare and we are keeping two of the girls for our new “White” breeding program. However we do have an amazing tiny boy available from Kiki who will be ready for his new home in a few weeks.

Just like solid black, this white colour happens because of a recessive gene that can be hidden for several generations before making an appearance.

It is very possible that two “normal coloured” Shih tzus (carrying the white gene) can produce white puppies in a litter of black and tans or brindle’s, etc. Additionally, white is completely independent of the genes for parti coloured or solid patterns that occur in coloured dogs.

A good white Shih tzu should also have both dark eyes with a black nose and lips. White is also considered a “masking” gene which covers up the dog’s true colour, although it does not affect skin pigment. This is why “white” Shih tzus often have a cream or blond tint to their solid white coat

In order to get a white coat colour in the Shih tzu both of the parents must carry the white gene (they must either be white dogs themselves or be carriers of the white gene). It is important to stress that white Shih tzus are not an albino dog. An albino will have pink skin and blue or pink eyes.

White Shihtzu Puppy

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