Shih Tzu Mothers

Shih Tzu Dams – Our Lovely Shih Tzu Mothers

One of our lovely Shih Tzu MothersImperial Shih Tzu mothers at Kara-Shishi Shihtzu come from the finest bloodlines. They all have exceptionally loving and friendly natures and because they are all very much part of the family, they are very well socialised, trusting dogs with fabulous little personalities.

For all of these reasons and many more, they make adoring mothers to their litters, not to mention great role models for all of their puppies!

Chosen for their impressive ancestry and rich colouring, when bred our dams can throw a variety of beautiful Imperial Shih Tzu shades such as solid and deep red, solid white, red liver, chocolate, cream, deep mahogany, brilliant and soft orange, and rich gold. Puppies can also carry black mask and tuxedo markings.

Recently we have been working hard on increasing the number of white Shih Tzu mums – breeding mothers that produce white puppies and have been importing a number of new mothers from the USA to help with this.