Baby Rose

Baby Rose – Pedigree Name – ‘Karashishii Waltzin Matilda ’

Baby Rose - Imperial Shih Tzu MumBaby Rose is an Imperial Shih Tzu Mum1 and was born on 16/01/2012 from our own breeding stock . She is much like the colour of her mum Rosie, except she has more white in her coat and is a quarter of the size. She really is quite a perfect example of the Imperial Shih Tzu with very short legs and a coby body. This is due to her father, Karashishi Calypso’s bloodlines and Mum’s short legs, the best of both.

Baby Rose is small but dominant and likes to make her presence known with other dogs. She is a real lap baby and likes nothing better than lying all over you and having lots of attention. She gets along with everyone, but does take after her mum when it comes to being number one.

She has just had her first litter with Dexter and they are the most vibrant colored puppies to date here at Karashishi. They are so unusual that we just have to keep a girl from this litter.

Baby Rose carries colours like red, orange, chocolate, mahogany, black and parti colours.

1 – Please note that the terms ‘Imperial Shihtzu’,’ Imperial Shih tzu’, ’Chinese Imperial Dog’ and ‘Teacup Shihtzu’ are not Kennel Club terms but are those which are occasionally used to describe smaller examples of the Shih tzu breed and are therefore not intended to indicate a different breed.