Buttons Imperial Shih Tzu Mum– Pedigree Name ‘Karashishi Be Bop Alula’

buttons Imperial Shih Tzu MumButtons is our milk chocolate girl, she is of our own breeding stock from Ebony and Ja-Mocha . She is 7 lbs fully grown and comes from champion bloodlines which have been downsized over many generations. Ebony is no longer with us, so we are very happy to be continuing this line.

Buttons carries an amazing variety of colours from, reds, gold’s, chocolates, oranges, parti chocolate and white’s and blacks. She is one of the sweetest girls of the pack and loves to be cuddled and fussed.

Buttons Imperial Shih Tzu mum has a lovely temperament and is very loving and accepting of new people, dogs and puppies.

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