Melody – Pedigree name ‘dees-lil-dixies-melody’

Melody - Shih Tzu MumMelody is a beautiful, exotic and rare marked Dobie Shih Tzu. The name Dobie is taken after the Doberman pincher look, with tan legs, cheeks, and eyebrow’s and under the tail. This is a new look for the UK.

Melody is the the daughter of a tiny 6.5lbs black and tan male named Dee’s Lil Surrender It All from Holy Shih Tzu’s and a black and tan female named Dixie.

Melody carries many different colours in her background, blacks, reds, blues, liver and chocolate. She can throw them in solid or parti, and will produce Dobie marked puppies with the right male. Our tiny Imperial boy’s Ja Mocha and Dexter also carry this Dobie gene, but we will probably do a repeat breeding to Sammie who is also Dobie marked. As the puppies produced were amazing. (Check past puppies on the Holy Shih Tzu website).