Chico – Shih Tzu Sire

Chico – Shih Tzu Sire – Pedigree Name ‘Karashishi From This Moment’

Chico - Shih Tzu SireChico was born a two years ago from our own breeding at Karashishi and is now an established Shih Tzu Sire.You can find out about all our Shih Tzu Sites here.

He has an amazing coat like his mum Liz, except he has several colours in his coat and is half the size. He is a perfect example of the Imperial with short legs and a compact body. This is due to his father, Sammie who produces very small puppies despite being on the bigger side himself.

Chico is small but has a lovely personality and loves to be cuddled. He is a Blue Tan with whites running through his coat and has black tipping in places. We have never produced such an unusual colour combination.

He has been successfully mated twice and has just produced his first litters with Sugar Cookie and Emily and the puppies have wonderful colours with pretty faces and short legs. He carries colours like red, orange, chocolate, black, and Dobie’s. These colours also mix to nicely produce parti-coloured puppies.