Shih Tzu Toys And Games

Shih Tzu Toys & Games – Keep Your Dog Happy!

Shih Tzu Toys And GamesOn average Imperial Shihtzus need between 30 – 45 minutes of exercise a day so Shih Tzu toys and games are an important part of their development although you do need to be careful with puppies as, like children, they tire quickly and it is important not to strenuously exercise your puppy as this can put undue pressure on their muscles and effect their development.

It’s important that they get lots of outside time, up to 6 times a day for puppies and 4 times a day for adults. Exercise doesn’t have to just mean walking, a good game is great exercise and often preferable. Every personality will have their favourite toys and games and these should be readily apparent to you the more you get to know your dog. Games they may love include fetch, hide and seek, find the toy or ad hock agility or obstacle courses.

Playing with your dog is a great time to cement your bond and create greater attachment, Imperial Shih Tzus like most dogs respond very well to lots of affection and physical contact such as stroking and verbal interaction.

Make time to regularly play and exercise your dog, it is very important for their mental and physical wellbeing and makes for a happier, contented dog with less illnesses and bad habits!

Top tip: don’t exercise them immediately before or after they’ve eaten – you wouldn’t go for a run hungry or after a big dinner either. Always make sure you provide drinking water before and after exercise.

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