What Are Dobie Marked Shih tzus?

We often get asked the question – “what is a dobie marked Shih tzu” as we have a number of our breeding mums and dads who carry this gene. We are one of the first breeders in the UK to produce this as our dogs have been imported from the USA where dobie markings are more established.

The name ‘dobie’ is taken after the Doberman pincher look, with tan legs, cheeks, and eyebrow’s and under the tail. So it’s very distinctive and easy to spot once you know what your looking for. These highlights in the specified area’s can also be white or chocolate depending on the parents colouring.In truth it is rare to find these markings as they come from a recessive gene and both parents of a puppy need to carry it in order for there to be any chance of him or her having that particular colouring.

Puppy in a basket!

Dobie Marked Shih tzu As a Puppy

The tan ‘dobie’ markings will appear in a very specific pattern on certain areas on the body – a spot over each eye, on the jowls, on the lower legs, and under the tail.  The marking under the tail is easily seen at birth, whereas the other markings may not become noticeable until the puppy is about two weeks old. A genuine dobie marked Shihtzu will be quite obvious when you know what to look for as evidenced by the pictures above and to the right.

Dobie Marked Shihtzu Puppy

and here all grown up!


Here at Karashishi we have a fantastic new litter of Dobie’s available that will be ready for their new homes in a few weeks, so what does ‘Dobie’ mean?

There is a lot of confusion with dobie marked puppies, for example some have been registered by breeders as ‘Black and Tan’ rather than the ‘Black with Tan Markings’.  If they were genuine ‘black and tan’ then they should be described as ‘parti coloured’.

Here at Karashishi we have had Chocolate and Black Dobie marked Shih tzus. Here is a picture of the current litter from Melody and Sammie. All these puppies are genuine dobies.

Dobie Marked Shihtzu Puppies

Please click here to find out more about this litter


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